Washington Physical Therapy was founded in 1990 by Carlos Loera, PT DPT.


Dr. Loera began his career as a hospital based physical therapist in Pasco WA in October 1976 after graduating from the University of Washington’s Physical Therapy program. He provided physical therapy clinical services for the hospital’s inpatients and outpatients. In 1984, he became the Director of Physical Therapy at the hospital and continued to work there as a clinician, providing quality patient care to the community and as Program Director involved in the daily operations of the department, including program development.
He was instrumental in developing various programs for the community while in this position at the hospital, including establishing the area’s first sports medicine program, a Monday night clinic that offered triage and treatment of high school athletes. He also coordinated events between the physicians and the community by providing onsite educational programs aimed at reducing workplace injuries. He held this position until 1990 when Dr. Loera decided to move forward toward fulfilling his dream of entering into private practice and he founded Washington Physical Therapy.

In 1994, Dr. Loera decided to again advance his career and constructed Washington Physical Therapy and The Fitness Center (WPTFC) at its present location at 3807 W. Court street, Pasco WA. WPTFC is a 8000 square foot state-of-the-art facility providing physical therapy rehabilitation services and fitness center memberships to the community.