Custom Orthotics

Foot Orthotics and Custom Knee Braces

Do you have Back pain, Knee pain, Ankle or Foot pain?
Pain in the Plantar Fascia?

The cause can be the result of abnormal lower extremity biomechanics whether it is acquired or congenital.

WPT has a physical therapist on-staff who is trained to perform lower extremity biomechanical evaluations. The evaluation may be followed by casting and fabrication of a custom foot orthotic device if indicated to assist in correcting gait abnormalities including excessive pronation and suppination of the subtalor joints.

Foot pain or discomfort can often be minimized or prevented by wearing the appropriate footwear. Wearing shoes made of quality materials and with adequate support and solid construction can make a big difference. In some cases, custom foot orthotics can also help alleviate pain or discomfort. Choosing an orthotic at your local drugstore cannot equal the quality and health benefit of a truly custom-fit foot orthotic and in some cases may serve to worsen foot conditions. Ask a WPT Physical Therapist if custom orthotics is a treatment of choice for you.

In addition, we offer measurement and fitting of custom knee braces (e.g., for anterior cruciate ligament ACL) and decompression bracing for osteoarthritis.